Project 9 not getting sms

Even sensor values crossed threshold m not getting sms can u tell me the way? And i have to connect module and continuously run code till m waiting for sms? I went to logs on twillio there when m entering SID no as same its saying its not valid! Though its same in dashboard.

@swastishree10 yes, you have to continuously run the code and keep the Bolt module for all the time because then only the sensor will push latest data values to the cloud and thus you will get Sms according to the real time data.

Make sure that the Auth_Token, SSID or the phone numbers in the config file are same as that of Twilio’s dashboard. Do make sure that the to_number is the number which you have used while registering for Twilio service. The phone numbers should have +91 in the start

ok i will do that but once in code it is hsowing sensor value less than 300 then it will send sms even if not connected?

Yes, that’s a downside of the service. Can’t do much in that case because I asked the officials to and they said that till the code is running the random data values will be printed.

I added +91 in start of TO number but i wanna ask in twillio SID no is not valid when m searching in logs

It gets updated in sometime. The logs are sometimes a bit wrong. Is your problem solved?

No, in code value is less than 300 but m not getting sms

In the code for the same, you must have printed the response from the Twilio service. What’s that status?

wait m sending u ss of output

There must be an error in the authorization token. Please double check it

Can you share the screenshot of the whole code or just the send_telegram_message function

u r right there was something missing in token i have correceted it…See in output its writing json was not found is there any more error?

Yes, I just read the Twilio Docs :smile:

now can i get sms if there is no any error as i have sent u in ss ??

Yes, you must get an SMS now

Ok then i can leave the system as it is…means code running continously with output connection and wait for the sms? Can u tell me how long it will take?as i have to leave system whole day like this?

You must be making the Temperature Monitoring Project using the LM35 temperature sensor?

Yes project 9 using that sensor

No you don’t have to wait for the whole day. Use the max and min range as 300 and 315. Because the temperature value will be sensor_value / 10.24 so it means that even normal room temperature of 28 C will be equivalent to sensor value of 286.72 which means by using the limits as 300 and 315, you must get an SMS because the normal tempertaure must be higher than that