Project 9 Python Syntax Error

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the written code?? It is saying invalid API key but I have checked it 10 times and the API key is correct. I don’t know about the other errors.

Hi @sumitrana9910
First error is in the line except exception as e:
Here the letter e of exception should be capital. So the code should be:
except Exception as e:

Second coming to api key error. Make sure that the api_key variable has same case in both the files. If the case is same then check whether you have typed the correct api key or not and make sure that you have placed hyphen ‘-’ at the correct places in the api key.
I hope this helps you.
All the best!

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@sumitrana9910 upload the conf file for me to cross check

@suryanshchoudhary12 thanks that helped me. I didn’t put the hyphen in between in the API key.

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