Project 9: Sending an SMS when Temperature Crosses Threshold

To number is working and DND mode is off.

i’m unable to recieve any messages.

The screenshot below describes about my twilio message status and Error:30004

yes i am facing the same issue. Anyone knows how to solve this problem @rahul.singh1

@Sai_prakash_ch It seems that DND is not fully turned off for that number. That is why Twilio is giving the Error 30004. Try using a different number.

Hi !
I’m unable to receive messages though DND is off
I have checked in twilio programmable sms log…There the status is sent…but I did not receive any messages
I have sent more than 50 messages but I didn’t get a single message on the phone…but for every message the status is sent on the log…
Can anyone please help me on this ?

You should get the messages on your phone within the next 10 hours or so, since they are given least priority by your service provider.

@srilayasangannagari You could refer to this post by a fellow forum user. It helped me to get the messager faster. On my first try I too got it after (approx) 12 hours from deploying.

You could refer this link :slight_smile:

sometimes these sms take a lot of time like i got my sms on the next day of the program being run.
some people told me that there is a time limit that is 9AM to 9PM for sending sms. try to send the sms during this time slot. i believe there are some factors regarding this:

    i have myself observed that the sms system works better in the daytime.
    i hope this helps you.