Project 9 Sensor value is comin in single digit like 6,7,5,10

In this project code is working fine, but I am receiving single digit output as sensor_value i.e from7,6,5,8,10 like this but my room temp is around 38 degrees
please help, what am i doing wrong.

You must recheck your coding done for the setup. If you still face problem, I would suggest you to rewrite the code again for the same. You can also check whether your LM35 is working properly or not.You can check it on bolt cloud by making a table for the same. And ofcourse if the sensor is giving the right values or not.
Thank you.

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Thanks for your answer! actually my was right but its just my LM35 connetin was loose, well only after your suggestion to check the function of lm35 I rechecked my connections & volla!! it worked.