Project 9 ; Showing error . I am attaching screenshot please help


There is a space before the ‘if statement’. Make sure, it is exactly below the ‘sensor_value’ variable.

For all other lines of code, make similar changes, as it is in the training. Make sure to follow the exact indentation (tabs and spaces).

Thank you @akshayan.sinha . That error is solved . But it is getting invalid syntax in line 21 . I checked and edit many times . But I am not able to figure out the mistake , Please check the screenshot


Can you show line 20? It is out of the frame, stretch the window and send a screenshot.

yes @akshayan.sinha . please check attached screenshot


In line 20, you did not close the bracket for the send_sms() function. Just put a ‘)’ after (sensor_value).

Thank you @akshayan.sinha . This helped me to solve my problem.