Project 9: Sms when temp crosses threshold

I was able to collect data in the given threshold limit but when the temperature crossed the threshold
I was unable to get sms with the error shown in the image:

You got this error because you have made a mistake in entering the from phone number which Twilio provided you.If you have entered the correct number make sure that you have enclosed it within quotes,in the form of a string.

I checked the number in twilio dashboard and it’s correct. I entered the same number as in the above image in single quotes.

1.check the number of the twilio app which was given by them Exception β€˜E’ should be capital so change it. If any other errors are present then check the code u have written. Spaces also may cause error in python

@varunmhatre99 Firstly, the e in Exception is capital since it is python keyword.

For the error where is says that the number is not valid, please visit the URL given in the error.

@varunmhatre99 while setting up the account in Twilio, it will display you the from number and as a part of the training you might have clicked use this number button.
please check out whether you have entered correct number.
Another mistake you have commited is the misspelt of keywords in python. It is Exception but not exception. This will be the solution for the errors you got on the console.

Thanks to all for the help. I found the mistake and got the output.

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@varunmhatre99 Just so that others also know what the error was, can you please mention what the error actually was and how you had solved it?