Project 9 syntax error

can anyone please tell me what the error is?

have you given a 1 tab spacing or 4 space spacing coz in ubuntu server or Linux server the 4 space spacing is invalid
if this is the case then change the spacing from 4 space to 1 tab

After Line 16, you have not indented the code properly. In the code, you have press the Tab key twice, after try: statement, till you start a new block. That is, the if statement. Now whatever statements you have to put in the if condition, you have to press the Tab key thrice. Indentation is very important in Python.

Check the image below:

even then i am unable to get it…

even though i am unable to solve the error

ok i got it
print statement in line 15 is not closed with this “)” bracket twice, so the error occured.