Project creation

While creating the project after signing in nothing appears as a dashboard.what to do in that case it’s about month I’m facing this error.plz help

Hi @manedivya13,

Can you share the screenshot of the error ?

After I signed up dashboard should appear bt this i what i am getting

Hi @manedivya13,

Open on your laptop/desktop and then it will work.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

It’s the same thing that’s appearing again even after trying on desktop

Which dashboard ?
The course curriculum one or the cloud device one?

Cloud device one .When I started following the video for first project creation it showed i need to sign in and then a dashboard will appear bt after signing it’s showing this pg

Actually, you should download the app bolt iot from the app store/ google play store. I think you have not followed the steps mentioned in the course. Kindly, revise the course content and try again.

I have downloaded the app from play store after that also it’s the same thing that’s appearing.

After downloading the bolt iot app on your android/ios device, you need to set up the bolt and connect to cloud through the app. Thereafter log on to the cloud from your laptop and add hardware. Make sure that your window is maximised or full screen while doing the same since a small window could show the same error.

this should appear bt it isn’t instead it’s again showing d screen to download the app even when it’s already downloaded

I’ve tried this many a times bt the same thing is appearing again n again

@manedivya13 you have to download the app in your phone and connect the BOLT module and your device to a common WiFi. then click on products in the BOLT cloud platform.
before linking the product to the device its mandatory to download the app and connect your device


As instructed in the training you have to open the cloud dashboard ie on Laptop/PC and not on your mobile phone.

Please visit the cloud dashboard from laptop/pc and check. Do revert back if you still face any issues.

Sometimes the device on which the boltiot application is installed doesn’t seem to be compatible and so it does not respond as it is expected . So , I think you should try installing it on some other device and add the boltiot device to it following the steps as given in the course.

Hiii… @manedivya13, whatever you do, do it in PC or laptop; not in mobile