Project Ideas for Data Science

Can anyone suggest me some project ideas on ‘Data Science’?

These day one of the most rapidly growing industry is the Insurance and Loan Sector. Daily many loans get approved and denied. You can make prediction of whether the loan will get approved or not on the basis of some data points i.e., income, property, etc.

  1. Interactive Data Visualizations

Interactive data visualizations include tools such as dashboards .

These are useful for both data science teams, and more business-oriented end-users.

Dashboards allow data science teams to collaborate , and draw insights together.

They also provide a useful tool for end-users that don’t need all the fine details, just a quick and easy way to interact with their data .

For Python users, I recommend Dash by Plotly.

Hello, guys I just had a quick question for you. I want to insure the premises, there is equipment for my business. I was told that I need to pay attention to what exactly the company insures. It may be that the contract will indicate only a box of premises. But this is wrong because there are still communications, doors, windows that are not included in the box, and there is also equipment there. Tell me, is this true or not?

the best project on data science could be “fake news detection”,which is a buzz and it can provide much exposure for you in this field.
some other ideas-
1.emotion detection
2.terrorist detection and much more
i hope this was helpfull to you

12 Cool Data Science Projects Ideas for Beginners and Experts
The domain of Data Science brings with itself a variety of scientific tools, processes, algorithms, and knowledge extraction systems from structured and unstructured data alike, for identifying meaningful patterns in it.

8 Cool Python Project Ideas for Python Developers

  1. Building Chatbots
  2. Credit Card Fraud Detection
  3. Fake News Detection
  4. Forest Fire Prediction
    5.Sentiment Analysis: Sentiment Analysis Project in R
    6.Climate Change Impacts on the Global Food Supply
    7.Road Lane Line Detection
    8.Customer Segmentations
    I have shared this idea which I learn during a data science online course done .