Project is not getting reviewed

I have submitted my project long ago on the project submission page but it is not reviewed yet. It says status pending, I have submitted the review request many times. I have to complete the training but due to this, I can’t move forward. What should I do?

@abhinavlal48 Can you please let me know which course you are undertaking? and if this is the end project for the training?

Online Training on Internet of Things and Machine Learning.
Lifetime validity on course.

Hi @abhinavlal48,

I have informed about your query to @shoeb.ahmed1. He will be replying to you by today EOD.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Nobody informed me about this issue.

@abhinavlal48 We do not have any exams submitted using your name Abhinav. Can you please share the email ID that you have used to submit the exam?

I have not submitted any exam. As per rules, to appear in the exam, we have to submit the project first and put the link of the project in the exam.
My email ID:

@abhinavlal48 I am unsure where you got the idea that you have to get the project reviewed before the exam submission. You will need to submit the project link in the exam so that we can review it once you have submitted it. Please check the instructions on the page below for the IoT and ML course below.

That’s what I am saying, How do I submit the project link in the exam? My project hasn’t submitted yet how do I give the project link in the exam?

@abhinavlal48 You will only need to paste the link of the project in the exam when asked for it. Please read the instructions mentioned in the page below.

When it will be accepted?

@abhinavlal48 The post will always show as pending. It will only be accepted if your project is deemed worthy of being displayed on the site. This project review will happen only if you submit the project link in the exam.

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