Project link not evaluated

Hello, I recently answered my certification test and got my final test result today.

My project link question got 0 out of 22 marks


@akshayphadke002 the team takes about a week to review the project. In the meantime, they give you an aggregate of marks apart from the Project. So, this is sort of a provisional certificate and marks you received. Don’t worry the project worth of 22 marks will be evaluated and then you will receive the final grades in a week or so :slight_smile:

How much did you receive for the forum? Same?

No. 4 out of 4, for both the forum questions.

Wait for the admins to look into this. They will respond regarding this.

Or else you can mail to and ask for a re-evaluation of the project.

I missed some part of the mail. Have sent a mail to regarding this.