Project on core body temperature detecting and alarm system

Dear sir /madam I want to build a core body teamperture detecting and alarm system.I need some systematic procedure how I can do the projcet by using bolt IOT kit…please help me …earlier I have also discuss one problem …pleasecall or what ap me 8729957905

sir please guide me how to developed the system…here I presenting a crcuit diagram for above mention project please guide me for correct crcuit digram…and coding…please sir help me I am confused…

is all this things are sufficient for the project?

Device use

1.Arduino IDE 2.Bolt wifi module 3.Jumper wire 4.Alarm 5.MLX90614 (Body temperature measuring sensor)…please help mr for correct circuit connection and proper coding

@govindaagrilengg We may not be able to build the project for you or provide the specific guidelines for the sensor of your choice. To guide you with the correct circuit diagram would involve for us to build the project and test it.

I suggest you go through the Bolt IoT and ML training. Then study the datasheet of the sensor and integrate it by yourself. In case you get any specific error that is Bolt related during the project then you may post it here on the forum.

If you are looking for a project with step by step instructions then I suggest you pick up a project given at