Project on sending email and sms when temperature crosses threshold

I have a doubt regarding the hardware connections , should we create a new product and link it to the device or can we just carry on without linking any product to this device because i am getting a constant sensor value.

There is no need to create new product.

Try checking your wire connections, code and parameters values like api_key, sandbox url etc. If every thing correct, try changing the location of your device i.e., from outside to refrigerator.


Since we are using the python program to send email and SMS, you need not create a new product.
You just need to use the Device ID and API key in the python code and execute it by which the bolt wifi module will get connected.
And since the temperature mostly will be in the same range you can keep it in AC room or can keep it near a heater, or something like that. If you don’t have such facilities, you can even change the minimum_limit and maximum_limit value in the code. Thus you can atleast check if sms or email are working.
Hope you will get it right.