Project problem

Hello there,
Sir/Madam, I am trying to develop a voice-controlled car using Arduino nd BOLT wifi module…the principle behind it same as we did in this project-
The problem I am getting is that the motor drive in not getting the current from Arduino after I send it the command over the internet…I’ve checked the BOLT’s that whether the utility works well or not but it was working fine and also I connected a LED to another pin of arduino to check whether the current coming from bolt or not but again it was correct.!
The only problem is that the motor-driver’s code is not working.!

please help!

the connections are in accordance with the code and the same code works fine when in general case but not with Wi-Fi module.

Hi @yahoo.maurya,

It seems you missed out on attaching the code that you have written. Please reply with the same so that we can better understand the issue.

A basic circuit diagram of the connections that you have done would also be helpful to debug your issue.

i am having a problem in the code of arduino as when I upload it ,the software is sowing that here in the code ‘low’ is not declared. i have cross checked my code thrice and it is same as the o in the video