Project Publication on Bolt Projects

Is my project never going to get published?
This is sort of becoming a major let down by the Bolt Platform.
Students are working hard for months and then Bolt can’t even publish their projects on their portal?
Is this really too much to ask for?
I completed my training and received my certificate almost a month ago.
I even got 88% marks which I think is decent and definitely not so bad that it can’t be published.
I’m literally having to beg to Bolt Platform to make necessary actions to publish my proect.
It’s not only me, a lot of people are facing the same issue.
We all made our projects, but if it doesn’t get published or have a public link, what is the proof that it ever existed?

Please Bolt Platform, I request you, look into this matter.

My project preview link:


As it was mentioned earlier, not all projects that are submitted by the students are published.

I’ll re-evaluate your project and provide an update by Tuesday EOD.