Project related questions

I want to ask that is it compulsory to build a new project or i can make project that was mentioned on
and what will happens after i submit my project if questions will be asked than is it related to my certification project or something else


The questions asked in the certification exam will be related to training content only. Go through the module and revise before you start your examination.

You can make any project you want to, as long as it is using the Bolt WiFi Module. Conditions are, the project documentation you write, has to include the steps to build the project. The documentation should be unique and any kind of plagiarism will fetch 0 marks.

Yes, it’s compulsory to build a new project for the certification. You can build any project. For that, the only thing you need to do is to complete the course thoroughly. After that you’ll definitely able to build a project.

can i repeat project which is in hackstar plz give me some idea i am extremly confused in this matter

due to lockdown many shops have closed and also there is short if sensors


You can make any project you want. But the documentation you write on how you built the project must written by you and not copied.

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