Project submission Code Error

Hello Everyone, I am having trouble in inserting code in my blog for project submission. I tried embedding GitHub profile as well as Github gist but I am not able to embed the code. As well as I tried copying the code in code tag of the post but as soon as I saw it in preview it looked different then other projects. And python file is also not acceptable to be uploaded in files tab. So can anyone guide me regrading this problem.


Don’t worry of how the published projects look like. In the initial stage, even I brought up the query regarding gist on wordpress environment. So that the code looks good with a proper format.

Currently, the gist feature isn’t included along with the current wordpress features used in the project submission tab. Just copy the code in the code body and let it be, or you can add a link of the gist and refer to it as code, for the project evaluation. Later if your project is amongst the best and deserves to be published, necessary changes will be made accordingly.

ok. Thanks for the feedback.