Project submitting link is not working
Link is not working
how to submit project

The website seems to be down. We are looking into the issue. Sorry for the trouble.

Please check now. We have fixed the issue and the site is working now. You should be able to submit the project now. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hello. I have been trying to access the same website, it still shows that the site is unreachable. Please look into the matter.

same here. the link is not working since yesterday.

is the website down? when can i access it

Hai @PPV ,
Is the project submission link down? Not able to login.

Thanking you for your time.


Can you elaborate on the issue you are facing?


Make sure you go through the steps mentioned in Not able to login in project submission site - #19 by akshayan.sinha

Do let me know if you still face issues.

Hai @akshayan.sinha

Thanks for your effort.

I had followed the steps mentioned in Not able to login in project submission site - #19 by akshayan.sinha. But ending up with the issue shown in screen shot.

Shall I upload the project documentation as PDF in google drive and share the link?

Thanking You


I believe you are signed into the Bolt Cloud with your email ID, and not with Google-SignIn.

No, that was a temporary solution during the Google-SignIn. I’ll take forward this issue with the team, and resolve this issue.

Will update you soon regarding this. Till then you can start drafting the documentation in a word file, and once the log-in issue is resolved, you can move your content to the project portal.

yes ,I used my email ID to login to Bolt cloud.

OK, waiting for the update.
Thank You


Can you please try again now? We have resolved the issue.

You can try and confirm the same from your end.

@akshayan.sinha ,
Yes its working now…Thank You!

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