Project with LM35 Temperature sensor

I am using the LM35 temperature sensor connected with the help of breadboard…
When i connect a light sensor along with it, The Values of the temperature sensor are getting affected…??
Speacially Because both the sensors have the same ground pin!!

Is there any solution for this??

Can you please share the exact connection you made with the sensors and what pins you used?

Hello @vivek.kunachi
You can connect only one sensor to your bolt wifi module. Either LDR or LM35. If you connect both the sensors you will get incorrect values as one is active device and the other is passive.

Also be sure wires coming out of GND pin and 3.3 V or 5V pin are not in contact with each other.


I am sending you connections which I did.

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Hi @ajit15.apte

Your connections are perfectly alright, once check the code you had written and try again.

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You can use LM35 temperature sensor and light dependent resistor it is not much affected. But check the code and connections it is correct or not.