Proximity sensor as door security system 2

Sir , I have upload the link of the code here

but every time i get his result ,please assist me.

Hi Karan,

The above code should not be uploaded to the cloud. The code should be run on your system or on a VPS such as Digital Ocean. It’s a python code. Also you have to update the key, sandbox, recipient with your details from Mailgun so that the email gets sent.

Is there a tutorial / video which will explain how to write the code / what to upload where?

@siddarth.naik : If I am right, you had posted on another thread regarding help that you needed with the UI.

I am guessing that, that’s what you really needed. If that is the case, go to the following thread. I have posted a suggest to solve your problem

If you really want to know how to write, upload and run a python code on the Digital Ocean droplet, you can go through the following project for those details.


I duplicated the link in the previous reply by accident.
Here is the link for python on DigitalOcean droplet