Proximity sensor as door security system

Sir , With help of proximity sensor ,I want to build a door security system and i want to use mailgun to receive mail when the door will open. Sir i used this code and but i does not working please guide me.

This is just an initial check.

  1. Did you enter the your Bolt Cloud Api key in line number 3?
  2. Did you enter the sandbox url in line number 4?
  3. Did you enter your email address in line number 5?

The above is to check what is not very commonly missed.
The following however gets missed very freqyently.
4) Did you enter the bolt id in line number 21?

Do reply back if you face any issues.


I have a proximity sensor but i am struggling to understand how to creste the program. I can see a graph in web browser but my requirement is below:

–> Access the product/device over phone & See whether door is open or closed

Please tell me how to setup this Ui (not hardware). I dont understand what code to write / what api key is, etc.


@siddarth.naik: The question that was originally asked, was regarding python.

You UI code will depend on where see the UI.

I would suggest going through the following documentation link for the bubbles app to design an UI which will open in a web browser.

It takes less than 10 minutes, to set up this system.

As a locksmith, i also want to know how this door mechanism will work properly with the door lock. Thanks in advance.

I worked on such lock problems earlier and i learned a lot of things from such problems. Also, for such problems contacting a locksmith is always the reliable solution.

These door security features surely add great security to the door but still a specialist like a locksmith is needed to operate on these door security systems.