Pulse reader in bolt iot module

Can bolt iot wifi module read the duration of a pulse it receives from a GPIO pin.If yes please let me know how to read the pulse duration.

this can be easily achieved using a python program just use a loop with a counter in it and at the end program it to wait for one second, then you can use this value.

@xyuvrajx.can you please share an example code.
do i have to import anything

Can anyone please let me know how to communicate using UART in Python.
@rahul.singh1 . Please help

@vinayak.joshi I think you’re the expert here wrt to Hardware.

Hi @deepa90prasad,

It really depends how long of a pulse you want to count, and how accurately you want to count it. If you want to count the pulse width with an accuracy of less than 1 second, then the right way to go will be to use an Arduino, and Interface the Bolt WiFi module with it.

If you don’t want that good of an accuracy, then you can go for a looped code in python.

Do reply as to what you want to measure, I will do my best to help out accordingly.