Push notification (alert not receiving)


HI EVERYONE i am not receiving alerts as i have followed all the instruction, about is the screnshoot of hardware configuration ,code, alert configuration please help me i am waiting form one weak to get answers on this

In the Bolt IoT & ML kit, there are following devices included. It has a Temperature Sensor (LM35) , Light Sensor (LDR) , LED and a piezo-buzzer . So basically you can write a program to give alert when you are using an input device (through which you can read a value). LM35 and LDR are two input devices. So you can use any of the two devices to make a product which will give an alert whenever the value crosses a threshold value.

so as I have told you that you have to use an input device and through the readings fetched by that device, you can make the Buzzer work accordingly.

I have used a LDR sensor to sense the value of the light falling on it and I have attached a buzzer to the GPIO 1 pin so that whenver the value crosses a threshold then buzzer starts producing sound. As the LDR reading can vary from 0 to 1024, so I have proposed different buzzer intensities for different input values.

I have written the code on UBUNTU server by the help of Python language.

So this will run inside an infinite while loop and accordingly the buzzer make noises of different intensities according to the LDR value

I hope this clears your doubt.

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