Putty msi installer

I am unable to install the putty msi file.

My PC architecture: 64 bit, x64
everytime I try to install the msi file I am shown a small window which directs me to further steps. Ultimately nothing happens


Can you show the point of setup where it shows error, or the installation gets cancelled? Take a screenshot of it and send here.

Hello, I have downloaded putty and installed it as well. But now as I try to connect it to my droplet I am unable to enter the root password. After I type in “root” for log in as, it asks for the root password, but as I type on my keyboard no input is taken by the putty shell. It also showed an error message once saying it was a closed network.


When you enter the password, nothing will be shown on the screen. Password is the root password that u have set at the end process of digital ocean.

In case you still can’t log in, you can reset your root password. Let me know, I’ll tell you how.

I have been able to log in but it’s asking for a current unix password now. I had reset the password before logging in and they gave me a new one with which I logged in. Now what shall I enter in the (current) UNIX password section?

…and also do i need to reset to get another password and enter it in the UNIX new password section?

Your root password is the current unix password. You can even change the password on first login.

Refer to below thread, and follow the solution provided. If you face issues, let me know.


There are other solutions present in the forum as well, search with correct terms. If you still face issue, and none of the previous issues match your query, let me know.

when I reset my password, the putty window says remote side closed network connection. I have gone to a similar query on the forum but there was no working solution given to it.

You can refer to the solution provided in - https://www.edureka.co/community/82632/remote-side-unexpectedly-closed-network-connection

Now its saying access denied. Is there any way to discuss this problem over call? I have been stuck here for 3 days, some or the other problem always pops up with Ubuntu. I have tried all alternatives but there is some sort of problem that I am facing in all of them. I cannot go into using Bolt Python Library module without this.


Meanwhile, the alternate is to use windows itself. You can use your windows terminal/powershell or any python IDE to write your python programs.

Refer to - Could not find a version that satisfies the reqirement boltiot. no matching distribution found for boltiot for detailed steps.

I’ll let you know when it’ll be possible to schedule a call.

I have been able to solve the problems that I was facing with PuTTY. For anyone facing similar problems, first reset your droplet password. Once you get the verification mail you can change it to an easier format. (any easier format to get rid of the long error-prone password sent to you by the DigitalOcean server) use it to log in. Then follow the steps given in the bolt-iot training section.

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