Putty not accepting the password

After opening putty as I type my Ip and username after that I’m unable to type or paste password

Don’t worry, In terminal, you just have to type the password, the password you type won’t be shown to you, as a security reason. In terminal you cannot paste via Ctrl +V, just press right button on mouse. In both the cases the password wont be shown.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be able to see the password while typing due to security reasons.
I too faced the same problem.
1)Check the password correctly on the Digital Ocean Droplet and reenter.
2)Wait for atleast 30 mins after creating the droplet on Digital ocean.
3)To paste text on PUTTY you need to copy it and right click in PUTTY. Never click Control V, it will no work.
4)If there is a problem then create a new droplet and try it again.

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I’m still not able to login I made a new droplet and tried with that too putty


Can you visit your Digital Ocean dashboard and check it the user name and password are the same that you are entering.

If possible, reset the password and try to login using the new one. Also make sure you are connecting to the correct IP.

Hello sir,
How can i check my username in the Digital Ocean for login process of Putty?


The default user name for the digital ocean server is root

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Thank you so much sir for the guide lines. Its works.
Have a nice day

how do we check for password?

please give username as root u mentioned it as satyam which is incorrect

You cannot see the password that you type in putty by default. Not to worry it is normal. You cannot paste anything in putty by using ctrl+V and you can simply paste it by right click on mouse.