Putty shows network error

when i am try to enter my ip address in putty its shows network error instant of login and password

There may be a possibility that you might have not selected ssh as the connection type while entering your ip address.


Hi @valentina17.dsouza I have selected SSH only but still getting the same error.

Hi @muskanmotwani.1211,
Which cloud provider are you using? Also, please send a screenshot of the error.

Try disabling the firewall temporarily to see if that can resolve the connection refused error. If it does, you may need to tweak the firewall setting to fix the error completely.
1.Click on Start and select Settings.
2.Open update and securitywindow security
3. Open Firewall and network protection .
4. Select preferred network type (Public, Private or Domain Network) and disable Windows Defender Firewall.
Try to re-connect PuTTy now

![Screenshot (603)|690x387](upload![Screenshot (604)|690x387]

What does it mean?

Also why putty becomes inactive if unused for 5 min.

Hi @muskanmotwani.1211 ,

This is the default behaviour of ssh session. You can set the connection timeout from Putty, Check this link 12.04 - how to make putty ssh connection never to timeout when user is idle? - Ask Ubuntu

Or You can use mosh instead of ssh Mosh: the mobile shell chrome extension

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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Thank You sir :)) @rahul.singh1