Python code error

I founnd one error in python code for json library.
I attach the image of this error in below:


Can you please correct the line?
data = json.loads(responce)

responce variable is storing a dict and hence you are getting the error.
Please extract the string value from the dict and then pass it to json.loads()

How extract the string value from the dict and what is dict?

I correct the code `data = json.loads(responce) . Still this error shows in compilation.

Can you add below statements just below responce = mybolt.analogRead(‘A0’)


Run the code once and post a screenshot of the output. The error will still be there, make sure you send the entire o/p/

my O/P is this:

Hi @rakholiya085,

There are 2 things going wrong here simultaneously.
1st is that this is a bug in our Python library.
2nd For some reason your VMware workstation does not seem to have a proper internet connection.

@rahul.singh1, will look into fixing the bug in our library, but for the code to work you will have to ensure that there is a proper internet connection to your workstation.

To test the internet connection please run the following command via the VMware workstation, take the screenshot and reply back to us.

ping -c 4