Python code for temp sensor

The Following code is not working and giving an error as shown below can someone please test me my error
3 2 1


res1= json.loads(resp.text)

and below that, change print statement to


The method solved the first solution but it creates another problem, the buzzer buzzes but the mail isin’t sent and the error occurring i have mentioned

Use error exception handling. Easier to figure out what’s wrong in the code.

the problem persists and the try except didn’t worked w

  1. Check your mailgun dashboard. Sending any mails?
  2. Is your email ID ‘shubham11…’ an authorized recipient on mailgun?

Look on the right panel, email ID you sen your mails to, has to be verified.

yes already done that but still no effect

Mails delivered shows 0/0?

yes it shows 0/0 mails delivered

Your mailurl is ‘…’

Change it to ‘…’

Is your LED glowing on meeting the conditions?

yes it is glowing , i am facing problem with just mailing system

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Did you change the url?

yes i changed the url

Facing the same error?

yes i am facing the same error

Show your updated conf file, code and output.

do i have to add whole http url or this is enough?

Did you type the mail id and mailurl? Or did you paste it?

Your error is related to your mail credentials. Check carefully.

i typed it all and rechecked multiple times no credentials entered wrong

Send a snap of the API key and sandbox URL from your dashboard