Python for development

while writing code for light monitoring for plants, why can’t we use python for development, it was told that we can also python???!!!

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its very convenient to use java script for this project as you just have to write one line of code . you can also use python but using js reduces code redundancy.

but for someone who knows only python?

use micropython to write codes in python language for the bolt wifi module.

but there is option for only either html or js

You cannot write python code in bolt cloud platform, I’d like to know what operating system you use to code in python? It would make me help you in better way

Hi @ashu.vampire13,

The code which you enter in the product code, is the code which runs on your browser when you call the device view.

Running python codes through the browser is not possible and as such, you are required to either code in javascript or HTML at this stage.

To run python codes you need to have a machine or a system which can run python codes. You can use digitalOceans droplests for such work.

@sampatkumar.mca17 i use windows

@ashu.vampire13 use this link to know how to install library in python and install boltiot library in python

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can’t we use djano/flask?

@ashu.vampire13: The Bolt Cloud website is being hosted by BoltIoT webservers.

I am not so certain about django, but for flask, you would have to run your flask app on your own server.
With the product code setup that goes with the Bolt Cloud, your code is hosted by the BoltIoT web server.

If you are talking about code that can be combined into the script tag inside an HTML code, you can still do that. But the code in the product configuration is not a serverside code, it is the frontend code.

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If I write any code in python to control Bolt wifi module(like control LED, Temperature monitoring, Light monitoring etc.)is that comes in category of micropython? I mean can I say that “Control Bolt WiFi module using Micropython”?