Python in bolt cloud(suggestion)

hi. this is a suggestion. it would be really good if you could add an option of using python on the bolt cloud. that way it would be easier to share these projects with other people.

@kunsharora0912 yes every user is eagerly waiting for the same. You can visit the site and share your ideas which you think can be added in order to improve the platform.
You can request for new features there and also support the ideas which are already present on the platfrom. As far as the Python integration is concerned, on the site there is a thread present for the same. So, you can support the thread: and can also comment there so that the Bolt team thinks about the same and thus the idea can be implemented ASAP.

I think I manged to help you. Do close the query :slight_smile:

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@kunsharora0912 if you are satisfied by the response then click on the solution button present in my previous post so that the query is closed.

@kunsharora0912 Just to confirm, are you looking at achieving the projects you build in ‘Digital Ocean with Bolt APIs’ on the Bolt Cloud ( itself? Do elaborate with few examples of what projects you build with this so that there is no confusion for us.

@vishalvats2000 Thank you for sharing Roadmap link. It helps us priorities the tasks.

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Thanks @PPV sir. As of now the Bolt Cloud gives support for JS and HTML only, I think @kunsharora0912 must be asking for the integration of Python code there so that sharing becomes easy