Python installation problem in linux

here what should I do ? how to proceed?

@rishidutta795 , first you have to install the pip module, which is basically a package manager for Python packages. So do follow these steps:

Step 1: sudo apt-get -y update
Execute the command below so that the packages on Ubuntu are updated to the latest version.

Step 2: sudo apt install python3-pip
Install pip using the following command

Step 3: sudo pip3 install boltiot
Now use this command to install the boltiot package in order to use its services

I hope this will solve your problem. (I think you have skipped the second command while installing the same)

Hi Rishi,

Python comes preinstalled in Ubuntu. Could you please share the list of commands you are trying to execute?

Samnit M.

@lankabhedi , Python3 is preinstalled in the Ubuntu versions higher than 20.4
I am sure that if @rishidutta795 has used the same image file which was provided in the training’s contents and that was a previous version than 20.4 . That is why he has to install pip and so on.

My above posted steps will hel him surely

@rishidutta795 it seems like you have a problem with the version of pip, to install pip3 which is package manager for python3. to solve your issue execute the following commands:

1. sudo apt-get -y update
**2. ** sudo apt install python3-pip
**3. ** sudo pip3 install boltiot

Note: To check if you have properly installed boltiot, do as follows:

Type python3 and Enter, this will open the python interpreter, something like this symbol below

Then type import boltiot, if you don’t get any error, then you are good to go!

Hi Vishal,

I hope your steps help him. What I find weird is that the installation aborted even after he put ‘y’. I feel like @rishidutta795 did not press ‘Enter’ Key after he pressed ‘y’ which resulted in process time out.

Samnit M.

hello @rishidutta795
Install the setup pools and build packages on your system

sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools
sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python3-dev 
sudo apt-get update  

then install the boltiot package using the -H flag.

sudo -H pip3 install boltiot

I hope it will work