Python Installation

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We have noticed that a lot of people are having problems in running the Python Scripts. Here’s a basic tutorial to get python up and running on your system.

  1. To Check if Python is installed, type the following command on your Command Prompt or Terminal,
    python --version
    You will receive an output which tells the installed version of python like,
    ubuntu@ubuntu-xenial:~$ python --version
    Python 2.7.12
    For Windows Users,
    C:\Users\user>python --version
    Python 2.7.12

  2. If you receive this, Congratulations! Python is already installed on your system and you don’t have to proceed any further. Else, if you get an error message, then follow the steps below.

  3. If you are using Windows OS, You can download the python installer from here for windows OS,

  4. Download and run the required version for your use. Python 2.7.13 is widespread.
    Follow the below link for more info on Python Windows Installation,

  5. Linux systems come with python pre-installed. Else, to install python you can run the following command on your terminal,
    sudo apt-get install python

  6. Then verify if python is installed by running this command on the terminal,
    python --version
    It should display the version number of python.

Visit this link for more info on Linux Python installation,


Is python not support in windows10? I asked this question because I am getting windows error 80070103 after installing python on my system having windows10.

@charliejonshon164, you can download python on Windows 10.
Just find the compatible version for your computer and download.

You may refer the below link for the steps.

@charliejonshon164 Can you send a screenshot of the error?

windows 10 suppport python, you can run all those python scripts in Jupyter Notebook,Anaconda. you can install Bolt python Library in Anaconda Command prompt using coomand “pip install boltiot” and and then u can import Bolt in Jupyter notebook. you can see screenshots.

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