Python Internship Project Submission

Yes you should explain the code while presenting your screen…and they should understand how much u have gone through your online training…it is better if u on your camera and present your code

@tusharpatil181111 Hey Tushar! Firstly you need to explain the logic behind your code , i.e. how you did it and several functions involved (yes you need to share your screen in this case). Secondly , you need to give a feedback on how did Bolt Internship program help and benefit you overall(record yourself while doing this)
NOTE: You use two different videos for this

while (1):
n = input("Please enter a number: ")
if (n == 50):
print(“Please try again”)

hi! basically for the project internship you have to record your voice while explaining the code, you can use screen recorder for that, whereas, for final project submission you have to show your face and record while presenting your code.

You need to present your screen while explaining code logic.Just record your audio of the project explanation.

n=int(input(“Enter the number”))
print(“Better luck next time”)

Code using if-else statements

Hey Tushar,

  1. You can record your audio by explaining the code and by presenting the screen in video(screen recording).
    Note:Both should be done simultaneously.
  2. For 2nd video, you should record yourself in which you can share your experience.

hey u need to record the video with audio(screen recording) i.e you should present the screen also

  1. Ans any four forum queries that you have given…
  2. You need to record video while explaining the problem that you have given with precision.
  3. Then you need to record a video of yourself about your experience in BOLT IOT course and submit it

Hi, so what I have done is open the problem and my code editor as two split screen and then explained the code I have written and I have run the code so that the output is also recorded.

For explaining the logic just record the screen but for giving review record your video giving feedback. Also include four forum queries that you have solved

To get the internship certificate you will have to complete the following tasks

  1. You have to attach four forum queries.

  2. You have to explain the code that is mentioned in the internship section, you can record your screen while explaining the logic of the code.

  3. You have to Create a video review describing your experience doing this Python Programming Training , the video should be yours describing how has the Course benefitted you, for more details you can go to the link in the internship section of your course .

The industrial internship Training Program was organized by the Department of Basic sciences and humanities, TPCT’S college of Engineering, Osmanabad.
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For Internship Task:

  1. Do screen recording of the code logic explanation
  2. Attach link of the four forum queries that you have solved
    3.Review video telling your experience about learning from bolt iot python training