Quere on certificate exam

What is meant by solving Bolt quere in forom in certificate exam ? What is that 22 mark question? is that about that coffee shop project? Please explain i didn’t understand about that first 3 questions on certificate exam!!

solve the issues in bolt forum and submit the link of that on that question and the capstone project we have build that link will be our project link so it is not coffee shop project its capstone project.

Hi @jhansinalla11 ,
Solve queries on the Bolt forum and past the links to the queries you solved(4 marks each * 2 questions).

Create a project using the Bolt WiFi Module and create a post here. Along with it, add a link to a video of the working demo of the project for bonus points. This project will be graded out of 22 marks.

you need to answer atleast of 2 queries on forum as they able to check how much u have unerstood of that topic and how u can able on explain that topic for this u get 4 marks for each(ie.2*4=8). and for project u get 22 marks by doing a project by using bolt module.