Queries on certification exam

please let me know what is the marks distribution associated with the the entire process.it’s lil bit confusing,
1.over there(in the page where certification test process was elaborated) was a mention of MCQS,are these same as the quiz what we sit for after completion of a module or something else?
2. what is the weight-age of the final exam what we give at last?
3. what video should we upload?
4. what is about capstone project?
5. does answering other questions in the forum have a compulsory weight-age?

1). 40% of the marks are for MCQs.
2). A project video involves you shooting a clip of your working IoT project, while explaining it simultaneously(preferably through a voiceover). You must also give some insight on the data you have collected. This carries 40% marks
3). The remaining 20% of the weightage requires you to answer any two queries of other users on this forum.
All these collectively represent the marking scheme of your final test. It is better to get comfortable with the process early on by reading other questions and their respective answers.
Note-: Capstone Project means the final project you would have worked upon

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