Queries regarding final test

can you please give me a hint which types of questions will be there in final test.
are they objective types or short/long answers types?
And the knowledge we gain during this training is enough for that test or we need to explore some more details about iot.

and final question is that , for getting training certificate, is passing the final test is enough or we need to submit the final project otherwise we won’t get the certificate?

and after passing the final exam how long i have to wait to get the certificate?

for best answer refer to your last lecture of your training i.e. CERTIFICATION TEST module.If not understood then reply me again.

there is no such module. about which you are talking

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that’s why send my problem in the other’s reply sir.
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go to https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/429176/lectures/9569848
there you find the last lecture for module- CERTIFICATION TEST.
you will get all the details about certification test.

Don’t worry brother it’s just a test which tests your basic understanding of what you have learned throughout the training. And all the questions come from the module that you have done nothing comes outside of the training.