Query about hardware kit

What are the components given in the hardware kit ?

The BOLT IOT hardware kit includes:
1.A BOLT IOT module
2.A Light Dependent Resistor
3.A Micro USB cable
4.Resistors(330 ohm-2 and 10k ohm-1)
5.male-female jumper wires(3)
6.A buzzer
7.2 pin tactile switch (1)
8. An LED (2)
9.male-male jumper wire(6)
10.A mini breadboard

The contents in the kit are of total 10 in count. They are:

  1. Bolt WiFi Module

  2. USB Cable

  3. Temperature Sensor

  4. Light Sensor

  5. Push Button Switch

  6. LED X 2

  7. Buzzer

  8. Resistor X 2

  9. Assorted Connecting Wires

  10. Breadboard