Query about online training of IOT

If I don’t do project but complete the course will I get certificate of online training? I have sent cancellation request of order no #INDIA33541 . I haven’t received any response of that. I want to know if I accept the kit and do payment , will I able to access the course though I have send cancellation request? Will the kit still be delivered though I have sent a cancellation request? Plzz ans my queries.

My order was cash on delivery… I haven’t received yet.


We should be able to cancel your refund request if you accept the order and make the payment.

Completing the project is a must to get the certificate.

hello @dasshilpi1207
In case of generating certificate you should have purchase Bolt kit and Bolt course too then you are illegible for it. Because at last you have to upload a video performing your project/task. So kit will be necessary.

Without giving exam and project you won’t be able to get the certificate. And the cancellation would be in process it’ll take time due to the situation. If you pay for the kit then you will be able to access the Course for lifetime. But if requested for cancellation then you won’t be able to