Query about set-up Bolt moduel with wi-fi

My bolt device does not link with my wi-fi network and display this follwing alert message:

You might have already linked your device to cloud and now again you are trying to link the the same deviice.

If you want to connect bolt module with your home WIFI then you can uninstall the app from your phone and re-install it. After that you have to follow the same step to connect your module and choose your WIFI you want to connect.

first you disconnect the device from your account and connect if blue led stop blinking then your device connected with wi-fi module ,after you connect device with Bolt cloud and if you successfully connected with Bolt cloud then green light on.if both blue and green LED light on than you are successfully connected with wifi module and cloud.

you might have already linked your device…Try to connect to same device otherwise try to set up bolt module using another device…

You may have already linked the device and has completed the verification process too. For reconnecting remove the registered device from the app or uninstall the app and then reinstall it for the reconnection of the module. Connect the module to the another wifi network not with the wifi of the same device which you are using for the connection establishment of the module.