Query about submission of project

I have completed my project and they asked me to submit my files through mail and through BoltIot forms through forms I have submitted it by making it as a zip folder but the file size is 88mb so that I am not able to attach the files , For sending files to mail is it mandatory to add video or just the wepage files??

@sai300501 its better if you follow the procedure that has been explained in the last of the course. I suggest you that once you check the certification in the lectures provided in the course that might help you with that. And we have to provide the links of video, project that you have made in bolt cloud / hackster along with forum links during the exam.

Hi @sai300501,

I believe you are a student of the web development training. We have a different forum for students of the web development training. You can post your question in the forum link below.