Query on a project

I just want to connect my BOLT device to a regular setup of a tube light.
Here my query is, how can I give the power supply to the bolt device?

Assuming you want to automate the switching of a tube light using the bolt module, you can use a 230V AC relay and interface it to one of the digital pins(0-4) of Bolt module.
The bolt is powered via a USB adapter and the relay is connected as a switch(in series) to the tube light.

If I have some more devices like fan, TV, air conditioner, how can I connect them?

You’ll need more relays. However, Bolt module can provide a maximum of 5 digital lines and hence limits you to only 5 components.
You may use some other microcontroller and interface it with bolt over UART, to expand I/O lines.


I am having a question that, can i control the intensity of a tube light? If yes, please let me know the connections and the process…

Hi @satyasrinath7,

It is not possible to control the intensity of standard tube-lights (regardless of whether you use the Bolt or some other system). You will need special tube-light holders to be able to do this.