Query regarding DIGITAL OCEAN

Do I need Digital Ocean platform after Social Media Of things?

Yes, you need it during z score analysis of Annomally detection part. You may also require it if you want to do a project using the digital ocean droplet.

@ashwinmani16 It is useful if you want to build projects on the server. You can delete if not required as when your DO credits expire, DO will charge you.

If you are comfortable enough with linux you can also use AWS EC2 instance for the same.
t2.micro is covered under Free Tier Usage for 12 months along with elastic IP’s and ssh capabilities.
The machine specs are the same (1GB RAM, 30gb Storage, 1-core CPU).
There are a lot of tutorials on creating an AWS account.
@shoeb.ahmed Personally I have been using AWS for over 1.5 years and i have had no issues but it goes down to personal preferences.