Query regarding Excellence Certificate

Hi everyone. On 21 Oct 2021 I gave the final certification test of Bolt IoT and ML training. I got the final result for the test on the same day I which I got a perfect 100 score.

So, now I just want to ask that in the exam guidelines present on the Trainings Dashboard it’s stated that Bolt can provide a Certificate of Excellence to the deserving projects. As I got full marks in the project I think my project can be considered for the same. @rahul.singh1 @yeshwant.naik @PPV do look into this matter and see if my project can be published.

Looking forward for the response.

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I’ve taken forward your query. I will update you regarding this.

Thanks @akshayan.sinha . Looking for a quick response :grin:

@akshayan.sinha any update regarding my query?

@vishalvats2000 I have already raised the request to concerned team members on 21 October regarding this. Please allow us some time as this is a bit long process. Once it is approved to be published on the Website, you will be provided a Certificate of Excellence.

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Okay @shobhit.kumawat . I didn’t knew that the query has been forwarded on the same day when the result was given. Thanks for the timely response. Will wait and hope I get the certificate soon


Your project is being reviewed for approval. Most likely, you’ll receive a Certificate of Excellence by next week.

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Thanks. Hope I will get it by next week :+1:

@akshayan.sinha I just checked my project’s documentation via the project submission site.

In that I saw that there are some missing images. Do I have to correct it or once it will be chosen for publishing on bolt’s site then I have to make the change?


Make changes and keep your Project upto date. We’ll update you in case any changes or more is required from your side.

But this process will take 2-3 weeks long time. To go through your project and review it further.

@akshayan.sinha almost 3 weeks have passed since my project has been taken into consideration. @shobhit.kumawat raised the same query on 21 October. I think it should be escalated a bit fast now.

So, please look into it :pray:


As I have already mentioned that the process will take time, please hold on for a few more days. Your project is yet to be reviewed before it is finally published on the site.

I’ll update you once that happens.


@akshayan.sinha brother, now it’s been more than a month. It’s weird and almost hard to believe that the project is still not reviewed!! Please escalate that

Will hope that by the end of this month, some movement will be there in the process

Hi @vishalvats2000 ,

Your project is good to go. I will be publishing it in the project section by the end of this month. But before that please complete the below changes in your project-

  1. Also share a cover image for your project. * Cover image sizes should be of a height of 300px and the width should be 400px.
  2. Share the demo video of your project.
  3. Conclusion part of the project should be about the project.
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@rahul.singh1 thanks for the update. Do I have to share the cover image here itself?

Sir, I have changed the Conclusion part in project’s documentation but at my end it is showing the previous saved version. Can you check at your end that is the conclusion part updated or not?

Because previously I clicked on the Submit for review button. So if it will not be uploaded now then I can share the final video link and updated conclusion section through email.

Can you just mail something to me so that I can revert back and send the required things. My email id is vishalvats2000@gmail.com


Have you made your youtube videos private? It is mandatory to keep the links on the project portal as the public at all times. Also, the same video is part of the event registration page, so it is mandatory to keep it public so that students are able to see the demonstration/overview of the project.

Please update the same as soon as possible.

I have changed the visibility back to Public. Was correcting some thing in the videos. Now they are good to go

@rahul.singh1 sir, please reply the same