Query regarding login issue

I have registered for training program but whenever I login it’s showing password is invalid i also tried to reset password but but they are not sending email for resetting the password what should I do now I’m not getting access to my training program.

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When you created your account on training.boltiot.com, you have setup an email ID and password right? You are not able to access it?

You can elaborate on the process you followed to get started with the training access.

I followed the process step by step i have created an account but it is constantly showing that password is incorrect that’s why i’m not able to login.


Did you access your account earlier? Or it is the first time you tried to login to your training account?

when I created an Account at that time only i access it but from next time it is not login


Maybe you have entered the wrong email ID when trying to login now. Anyways you can check your spam/junk mail, for email for reset password.

Let me know if you are still not able to access it.

I have not receive any mail for resetting the password , I have checked all the folders like spam, promotions, socials etc.

@nutandhamale112002 Can you please share the email Id with which you purchased the training?

It may also be the case that you are using the wrong email id. To confirm that please check your mail inbox, if you find the confirmation email for your payment while you were buying the course. then you’re using the right email. Else you maybe using the wrong email to login

nutandhamale112002@gmail.com i purchased the training kit from this email id

@nutandhamale112002 I do not see any training order associated with the email id nutandhamale112002@gmail.com. The reason for that is you placed an order using the wrong email id which is nutandhamale12002@gmail.com. Due to this, you are not getting any emails as well.

We will fix this for now, but please make sure you do not make any such mistakes ahead. Please verify your details multiple times.

please just ones again carefully while typing your credentials and if not you are getting the reset link please message directly to bolt IOT. I think u have got a contact number, if not please contact this number:9309051639

kindly contact them on whatsapp and explain the matter