Query regarding the restarting of the bolt device using boltpython library

In the module of Bolt python library, it is mentioned that to restart your device , your device should be online and linked to bolt cloud account. It should be linked to bolt cloud account, that is okay. But what is the point of turning your device online for it to get restart.
It is already in on state. Is it like that the device is online and when we perform this action of restarting it using bolt python library, then it will refresh itself or it will turn off and again turn on?


Start and Restart are different things. I hope you are aware of Restarting your PC. Turning the PC on, and restarting the PC are 2 different things.

Restarting any device helps in refreshing the memory and pins at the same time. If you are receiving any false data, you can go with the restart of Bolt module. However, it’ll disconnect from the connected WiFi. And you’ll have to add device using the Bolt IoT App again.

Also, the restart feature is not only for the python library. You can test and use them from Bolt Cloud. Other new operations are also present in the API section.

okay. thanks for the explanation