Query regarding Training

My name is Mukund Upadhyaya.
Today I logged in into my Bolt IoT account through my Gmail account, clicked on my account tab and then clicked on “Training” tab.
Then I clicked on “Go to Course”.
It says to enroll and buy training but I already paid for the course and the platform told me at the time of purchasing, it comes with lifetime access but now i am not able to continue.
What Should I do ?

Hello Mukund,
You have to login to your account.
Login to your account using e-mail id and password, then you will be able to access the videos.
Mukund I also had the same problem in the beginning. All the best.

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Hello Mukund
i think you have started the training recently.but dont worry .you can sign in again with the bolt iot user name and password if you remember then you can access the course .or if you forgot your password then click on forgot password you can access.and this course is for life time access.
I hope the problem can be solved.

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Hello Samuel,
I am able to login into my account but when I go to MY ACCOUNT TAB & then Training TAB
then it says I have to buy TRAINING separately of around ₹9600 again.
When I purchased the course, It said lifetime access. Now why extra money.

Hi @itsmukundupadhyaya,

It seems you have already enrolled into the course. Please login to trainings.boltiot.com using the gmail id and you should be able to access the course.