Query Related to IoT and ML Course

I have some queries Related to IoT and ML Course

  1. I would like to know about the specifications of Bolt Cloud and the validity of the same

  2. The criterion for the Winning Prizes, I mean, how will the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places be decided, as it’s an online course and everyone enrolls as per their convenience.

Hello Sarthak,
This would be my pleasure in helping you out on your queries. Response to your queries are as follows:-

  1. You will get a life time validity for accessing your bolt cloud linked with your registered or google account. Isn’t it great.

  2. Criteria for winning prizes is given in the starting chapter of your training course named as IOT and ML Challenge

Thanks for such a quick response. One more thing, what will be the specifications of the Bolt Cloud? I mean, what all will I get in that. I saw many plans available on the website, just a bit curious to know what plan I’ll be getting with this course.