Question on Coding in LDR

the “light” we use is variable name in the LDR project. What does the output of light tell us??

On Bolt cloud data shows Analog Values received from LDR sensor.
0 - 1024

Analog Values 0-1024

the output of the light tells the intensity of light falling upon the sensor(LDR).From the output you can configure that the place where sensor is placed is getting enough light or less light.

Ambient light intensity measured by light dependant resistor (LDR), More the light intesity higher the numeric variable value.

the output is the light intensity, which tells us the intensity of light at that time near our bolt module

The output the light tells the intensity of the light that falls on the LDR and near the bolt module
which has application like we can monitor how much the plant is recevieng the sunlight