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What are tags in html??

Content is placed in between HTML tags in order to properly format it. It makes use of the less than symbol (<) and the greater than symbol ( >). A slash symbol is also used as a closing tag.

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Basically tags are the language of the server which helps it to understand that how the content should be displayed on the webpage.

Like when you insert a html tag, you are indicating the server that the document it is gonna read, is written in html language. It will display the content in html format according to the instructions given by you.

As for example, if you placed a text inside title tag, the indication will help the server to understand that you want the text to be placed as the name of your webpage rather than pasting it exactly on the webpage.

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Greetings @pratikkr0444, HTML tags are basic building blocks of a webpage.
There are two types of tags: 1. Paired and 2. Unpaired

A paired tag has an opening and a closing tag
An unpaired tag is a single tag without any closing tag

Examples of Paired tags:

<html> </html> . <a> </a>, <div> </div>

Examples of Unpaired tags:

<br> ,<img>
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Tags are basically keywords for web browser to format our web page. It gives instruction to the browser on how to design our page.

For study more Information related to HTML tags plese refer over: