Quiz marks in the module

Does quiz marks account for any importance

No,the quiz marks are not important, those quizzes are designed to test whether you have understood the concept in the module or not.

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As you had asked does quiz marks account for any importance?
No, quizes which you are solving during your training course are not important for your final certificate, they are made for regular test to check if you have understood the concept well or not.
For your certificate final MCQs will asked which will carry 40% weight.

The purpose behind keeping quiz is to know that whether you’ve understood the concept or not

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Short Answer - NO

Brief Answer - The Quizzes are carefully designed by the Bolt team to ensure you for your progress (i.e. how well have you absorbed and understood the concepts). The main motive of the quiz is to keep you motivated for thriving forward and gives you a nuance of how the final quiz may look like. The final quiz will be a thorough one, containing 38 questions and you will be given a stipulated time of 45 minutes to complete it.

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Quizes are actually taken to observe if you are really attentive to the videos… Thats why small information related questions are asked in quiz to see your observations…

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@krishnasanjay714 quizes are important to test yourself …It will help you to understand wheither you are understanding the course or not…Besides, Bolt has already told that in final exam for certificate the 20% of weightage will come from these quizes taken daily…So I will advice you to take these quizes more seriously as it will help you in many ways…
Thank You…